The path to conceive can be challenging.
I want you to know that there are many actions you can take by yourself to improve your Fertility outcomes.
After years of experience accompanying couples and single-parents in their Fertility Journey, I've realized that there is an enormous gap between the things they are told to do and what they can actually do to improve their probabilities of conceiving.
This course is a result of in-depth research + clinical experience + evidence-based tools to help you increase your chances to conceive.

Why is this Course SO Important Right Now?

(And why after years of clinical experience I decided to create it)


A Lot of the Information Available Online about Lifestyle & Dietary Changes for Fertility isn't Enough.

✔Get concise information backed by scientific studies.

✔This course teaches you HOW & WHY these lifestyle changes actually improve your fertility.

✔The course provides practical and immediately applicable recommendations rather than vague concepts of a 'healthy diet.'

This Course is For You

If You're Looking For...

✔In-depth & comprehensive research + clinical experience + evidence-based strategies to help you increase your chances of conceiving.

✔Easy-to-implement dietary guidelines on the best foods you can include in your diet to help you create a better body-mind environment for conception.

✔Practical tools to improve your lifestyle habits and promote conception.

✔Quizzes to help you test your integration of the evidence-based guidelines.

✔Gaining a whole new empowered vision of your role in your Fertility Journey.

✔Learning a lot more evidence-based strategies to conceive that I’m not able to go into detail about during a consultation.

Your One-time Investment For a Happier & Healthier Future!


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This course is designed to empower you with the right information to make the most impactful decisions in your daily routine and help you Conceive.

Why Should I Take This Course?

This is what you'll get...

Dietary Guidelines for Fertility

In this webinar you'll find a complete easy-to implement dietary guide on the best foods to you can include in your diet to help you create a better body-mind environment for conception.

Lifestyle Improvement for Fertility

You'll also find guidelines to improve your lifestyle habits to promote conception.

Make the most of Your
Fertility Journey

Learn to implement both Diet & Lifestyle at home and make the most of your time during your Fertility Journey.

Some Of The Benefits Of Doing This Course At Home Are...

✔Access to vital information for your Fertility Health in profound detail, not otherwise covered during a consultation.

✔Cover course material at your own pace while eating your favourite meal or drinking that delicious smoothie.

✔You can start to implement these guidelines right away and get ahead in your Fertility treatment.

✔There's simply no need to take an in-person course when you can enjoy it from the comfort of your cozy home: a soothing song in the background, comfy clothes and a nice candle perhaps?

Hi, I’m Dr. Singh, ND 

I'm a Naturopathic Doctor with a Clinical Focus in Fertility & Reproductive Health and a certified IV Therapist.

My passion is to support and empower couples and single-parents to conceive against all odds.

“Ensuring optimal levels of Vitamin D may increase implantation rates by 6%, increase chances of success with IVF, reduce risk for miscarriage, and increase sperm health & motility"
Dr. Singh, ND - Chapter 10: Micronutrients & Fertility